SIA “MOTTRA” was established in 2002, as a Russian and Latvian joint venture. It utilises a closed-recirculating system of its own design, making the process of growing fish and processing it: ecological, sustainable, fish and environmentally.

Mottra Farm


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Beluga caviar is prized for its soft, extremely large (pea-size) eggs. It can range in color from pale silver-gray to black.


Milked Black Caviar whereas the Fish are not killed, Unique harvesting method makes this Black caviar Sustainable, Eco Friendly and Guilt Free.


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Salmon Caviar is probably the most sought after alternative caviar. The bright orange roe is about the size of a pea and has a wonderful juicy make up and a rich full flavour salty taste.


Exceptional Caviar, Harvested from Farmed Siberian Sturgeon, Acipenser Baerii. One of the most magnificent sturgeons. The glittering medium-sized light to dark gray eggs boast a tender, melting texture, enticing your palate with its flavors with absolutely no aftertaste.


The Sterlet sturgeon (Acipenser ruthenus) is one of the smaller species of sturgeon and is now very rare.


Non Pasteurised, Vacuum Packed for freshness without preservatives. The fresh and light flavor of this refined caviar always shines through. The high level of quality is clearly evident in the compact texture, subtle flavor that is never fishy or metallic. Vantage caviar is the best of Mottra’s preservative-free black caviar.