SIA “MOTTRA” was established in 2002, as a Russian and Latvian joint venture. It utilises a closed-recirculating system of its own design, making the process of growing fish and processing it: ecological, sustainable, fish and environmentally.

Technology that is being used, has been designed in the beginning of 1990’s in Astrakhan, capital of Russian caviar production. It has been evolving ever since to keep up with the time and a new methodology. Numerous patents allow SIA “MOTTRA” to have the most sophisticated closed recalculation systems.

The team is comprised of professionals with 40 year experience in fish production. The leading biologists finished Soviet institute in Astrakhan with a specialisation in sturgeon fish farming.

In 2007, SIA “MOTTRA” had received a caviar for the first time and thus laid the foundation to MOTTRA CAVIAR HOUSE.

MOTTRA CAVIAR is the top of the top due to:

Pure artesian water that is taken from artesian drill of 150 m deep for both sturgeon caviar production. Completely free of heavy metals, radionuclide, pesticides, dioxins and other by-products of modern human life, which surrounds all of us in everyday day life.

Crystal clean pure caviar without any preservatives or any other chemicals that found in the caviar from other producers.

No antibiotics are used due to fish tanks being concealed in the building from a environment impact on the livelihood of fish. No need to treat the fish due to absence of flying birds which transport diseases in nature.

Always fresh caviar, unlike other producers who produce caviar only once in a Spring and Autumn, MOTTRA CAVIAR is producing it everyday throughout the whole year, so on the Christmas Eve caviar will be as fresh as on the Easter Holiday.

Perfect texture and taste that has been reached by the know-how and the care caviar.

Our Fish

MOTTRA closely monitors the quality of the feeds and the living conditions of the fish. NO genetically modified products are used during production of the feeds, only the elements form a natural diet. Feed producers are reliable with the best quality control available and a long history of sturgeon feed production. This insures MOTTRA, that fish is treated as it would have been in nature.

MOTTRA fish pools are entirely inclosed and kept at carefully managed temperatures using unique technology, which allows the production of the black caviar throughout the whole year. MOTTRA is in a full control of the process of caviar ripeness, resulting in the production of caviar that delights the most discerning connoisseur.

MOTTRA is utilising the most fish friendly approach in harvesting the caviar, milking. Unlike many other caviar farms, sturgeons are milked or “striped” of their eggs rather than being culled or performing a cesarean section. Fish receives a pleasant stomach massage that sets of the natural process of spawning and releases the eggs. No artificial hormones or steroids are used during any step of the striping.